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A Better Way to Send Auto-Generated PDFs to Clients

We use alerts as approval letter templates to provide to our clients - recipients of government funding.

We have experimented with the auto-generated pdf docs which are great and look really professional but need the ability to automatically send them out to our clients in a way that is non-confusing and aesthetically pleasing.

The current available recommended process is to automate this via an alert automation, triggered by the attachment being added (the pdf being generated and attached to row), sending an alert to client (email) and giving the client access to "attachments" only.

The email template looks terrible and is confusing for those receiving it. Often they attempt to click on the sheet link (and request access to the sheet they do not need). They also automatically receive access to ALL attachments on the file row, when we are only wanting them to look at one specific attachment.

Suggestion to :

  1. Be able to specify naming convention of the attachment that triggers workflows so that other attachments being added do not trigger the workflow
  2. Be able to select to remove the sheet link from alerts/ update requests so that clients do not click the sheet and request access where it is not necessary
  3. Be able to only give clients access to specific attachments OR
  4. Create a specific workflow for auto-generated PDFs that sends the attachment that has been generated, to a contact list as part of the workflow, such as "attach to row and send to contact list". This way they are only receiving the attachment they require.
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