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Hi all,

I am working on this new sheet, and have successful formulas from previous sheets that work great. However, I have hit a roadblock here on this one.

This formula looks at the Errors sheet I have, and a column that produces a 1 if there is data in the column next to it. With that, I have a consolidation sheet that counts the points based on a certain criteria. It is only producing a zero instead of summing.

=IF(ISBLANK(Agent@row), "", SUMIFS({Errors Range 10}, {Errors Range 10}, @cell = Agent@row))

The Agent@row is polling the specific information from the Errors form and consolidated the Agent to one indexed cell. The point of this is to look for all the instances of that agent on the other form and sum up the values of the noted errors.

I hope this makes sense LOL. Thanks for any assistance on this.


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