weekly request for photo attachments - repeat every hour until photos are attached


I am currently sending an auto request for weekly photos. I am looking to have the request repeat every hour until the photos are attached for each week (emails to be sent on Thursday & Friday only). Starting on Thursday each week.

Or can you automate resending request on "Pending" status request? (in bulk) If the request is not answered within a day.

Hope the question was understandable.


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    You'd probably have to get creative with a more complex formula then what Smartsheet is currently built to handle in their templated solution. For example; uploading the picture and attachment with a required upload file form can be tracked with a manual checkbox that is selected when the picture is attached for the week. If the picture is not attached and the checkbox is not selected, then Smartsheet can only be set up to send that automation daily.

    I can see using a variety of complex time formulas and daily notification set ups to make it happen, but I wonder if there is a way to potentially improve the process to fit around your limitations also? Just a thought - might open new doors too.

    Ultimate suggestion:

    Your second question seems most reasonable and possible. You can have a reminder checkbox column update daily and have the automation be set up sheet wide (which would send the information that needs to be updated in a bulk request via email). The checkbox can be automated to be deleted (triggering notifications to stop) once the request is answered. Its best to put static conditions that can be met like this. I think this may solve your problem.


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