Combination sheet info with form

Hi all,

I might have a strange question: is it possible to combine filled out rows in a sheet with collecting information via a form for that row?

For our use case: we are collecting information on open ended coding we perform within our team for other colleagues within the company. See below what we collect: a project number (together with names of the coders), project name, End date for coding, hours spent on coding, verbatims codes, number of verbatims coded per hour.

Now we would like to ask feedback to our colleagues on how we performed on each of the projects. We would like to collect the information using a form. Ideally, the PRJ number and Project name are pre-populated in the form and we just ask them 2 questions:

  • score on a scale 1-5
  • Any ideas for improvement

So is it possible to combine a row which is filled in in a sheet with a (pre-populated) form for which we ask new info? If yes, how do we do that?