Auto provisioning trigger change for projects

Can you change the trigger for auto-provisioning a project?

We have a solution set up which means that a new project folder is auto provisioned when a drop down column is changed to "Approved". I want to change this and add a new column with a checkbox that says "Provision project?" and for that box to trigger the autoprovisioning process. Is that possible?

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    Hi @EmmaD

    If your organization uses the control center, ask your lead to change the blueprint settings, specifically in the "Intake settings" change the "Approval Column setting."

  • EmmaD
    edited 11/14/23

    Ah great, thanks I found it.

    @jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp Do you know how that will impact projects that have already been provisioned (I have over 150 provisioned projects already using the drop down it is currently set to)? Should I mark them all in the new check box to provision or leave blank so they are not duplicatively auto provisioned when I switch automation back on?

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    Since you have over 150 provisioned projects, I advise you, with some demo blueprint, to give some tests or experiments.😐️

    Regarding the first point, "how that will impact projects that have already been provisioned," I do not see any impact in single-tier projects. I have not done the  "Approval Column setting" changes in the Portfolio WorkApps and multi-tire blueprints.

    For example, global updates are possible with previously and newly provisioned projects with the new "Approval Column setting." I have yet to test archiving with the new setting.

    Regarding the second point, to prevent duplicate auto-provisioning, your idea of checking the previously provisioned project before you switch automation back on may be an excellent additional precaution.

    In my experience, the "Created" in your intake sheet and the fact the project is listed in the SCC project list will prevent duplicate provisioning. (Same as you can not provision a project manually whose created is checked.)

  • Thanks so much, i'll do some testing.

  • jmyzk_cloudsmart_jp
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    Happy😀 to help!