How would you audit a duplicate for a sheet that takes requests from a form?

Hi all,

I am hitting a roadblock. If I have a form that I send to all of my clients to take in their requests for a specific project. Few months later, they use that form to submit a request for the SAME project but certain requests for that specific project has changed like for example, project type or location. Now in my sheet I have 2 rows of the same project, and my duty is to look at the new request and confirm all the details for this new project and edit it appropriately. The project has its own UID. I only want to be able to give access to the form to my clients since I don't want them to see the backend. Neither do I want to give them editable access to reports (if this is a solution) since I don't want them to go in and make changes, I have to confirm the information before editing it on my own. Is there a better way to approach this?

Appreciate the help!!!

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