Change the name/email on automated DocuSign email notification

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We have Smartsheet/DocuSign automations setup and working more or less as intended. However, according to DocuSign support, the creator of the envelope, which is where the name and email information is pulled from that populates the DocuSign email notification, is not the Smartsheet triggering user or the DocuSign template owner but rather the owner of the Smartsheet in which the trigger occurred. Can anyone confirm this?

If correct, this creates a challenge for us because a single Smartsheet user owns all of our workspaces for a variety of quality assurance and control purposes, so assigning sheet owners on a sheet by sheet basis is not acceptable. Further, we need the triggering users (plural), not just a single sheet owner, to be able to create an envelope triggered by an automation.

This setup creates the issue that all DocuSign email notifications are coming from a user that is not known to any of the hundreds of contacts that receive automated email notifications, so there is a good likelihood that many messages will be missed or otherwise deleted as spam from an unknown sender.

Any thoughts or advice are appreciated.


  • LGraf
    LGraf ✭✭✭✭

    In Smartsheet, I logged out of the connected DocuSign account and logged back in/reconnected with a separate DocuSign account. I am able to complete the mapping and add it to a generate document automation, but the repeatedly fails due to "One or more blocks in this workflow is invalid. Please edit the workflow to see more details." Neither changing the trigger nor creating a new mapping fix the problem. However, changing the mapping to a mapping created by the first DocuSign user, who is also the Smartsheet owner, allows the automation to function. What is the issue here?

    This is all an attempt to change the sender information on the Smartsheet triggered DocuSign email notifications (as mentioned in the original post here).