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We created a new sheet and have three slightly different forms based off that sheet. Whenever I make changes to one of the sheets it ends of being changed on the second sheet. I only need the change on one and it is ruining and giving the wrong info when it is automatically being added to both sheets. How can I correct or avoid this from happening.


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    Hi @EMG can you provide some more information?

    It sounds like you have

    • new sheet with three forms
    • when new sheet is changed another sheet (second sheet) is updated
    1. How are you making changes to new sheet?
    2. Do all changes impact second sheet or just some?
    3. What role do the three forms play?
    4. Are there any formula in the columns that are being updated in two places?
    5. Do you have any automation set up on the sheet?

    If possible a screen shot of each sheet could help.

  • Will try to answers all questions clearly

    1. Each sheet is saved with another name and I go to manage forms and edit what I wanted edited
    2. The main change that is impacted the second sheet is that one form is for those that are receiving items without fee while other form those receiving with a fee. The difference is that in description by fields of second form we indicated the fee (usually indicated by dropdown menu)
    3. Each form is given to different clients depending on what they are entitled to but all working off same main sheet
    4. I do not believe we are using a any formula
    5. The automation being used is that when a new form/response is submitted it gets sent to a default email address and yes the email address is the same for two of the forms
  • Also in the two forms that I am having this issue all fields are the same except there is one extra field included in the form for those that have fee. The third sheet which is not having this issue has two fields that are not included on form. Don't know if this information is important ... Thank you

  • I made change to form 2 by adding price of couch and it ended up changing on form 1 b without me doing out and obviously I do not want it on form 1 (same is happening with other fields but I showed with couch)

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    OK. It sounds like you might have just one sheet and have three forms associated with that sheet. The sheet is the grid/table with the rows and columns of data. The form(s) that your users complete and you edit using "manage forms" is just an interface layer over the sheet. If so...

    Issue 1

    What is happening

    You are adding items to the dropdown list on one form and they are appearing on the dropdown list of another form.

    Why this is happening

    This is due to the dropdown list for the form being the dropdown list for the sheet. So, if all three forms are updating the same column in the same sheet then the dropdown options for each form will be the same.

    How to change this

    To have different dropdown lists for different forms you can create two different "temporary" dropdown columns in your sheet for the two types of users, use one on each form, and use a formula (such as IF ISBLANK) to pull the information from whichever is populated into the "real" column. The temporary columns can be hidden on your sheet so nobody sees them. If you share the column name and dropdown values we can help further if needed.

    Issue 2

    What is happening

    The second issue seems to be with the field labels. You want one form to display "Couch" as the label and the other to be "Couch ($750)".

    Why this is happening

    The default field label is the column name from the sheet. So, if you change the column name in the sheet, the label changes for all forms that use that sheet. Which is what I think you are seeing.

    How to change this

    You can specify the field label for the form, and this is independent of the column label in the sheet, using the "Label" option. Like this:

    Rather than changing the column heading (which here is Couch) change the Label (here is Couch ($750)). The sheet, and therefore all other forms, will not change.

  • What about when I need to make change by dropdown as attached

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    Anything you change in that Edit Field pop-up will impact all the forms that use the field. This is changing the sheet. Anything you change on the window behind it will just impact the form you are editing.

    Do you want one form to have prices next to each item in that list and one form not to have prices? If so, go to your sheet and create two columns

    • Dinette Table with price
    • Dinette Table without price

    Create a dropdown for each column, one with the prices and one without.

    In your form remove the field that you are currently using and select one of the new ones using the "Fields" list to the left of the screen. Repeat for the other form and the other new column.

    Now each form will use and populate a different column.

    Go to the sheet and edit the original column to pull in the value from these using an IF formula

    =IF(ISBLANK([Dinette Table with price]@row),[Dinette Table without price]@row,[Dinette Table with price]@row)

    You can make this a column formula and hide the two columns you just added.