Troubleshooting sharing a workspace - why won't some contacts share?


I have a SmartSheet account in a large organization and I'm trying to share a workspace to the higher-level leadership, but for some reason for certain team members, it won't share. I open the Share workspace box and add in emails, and some will give me the confirmation that the email was sent, but others when I click Share, I'll get the spinning dots on the button and then nothing, where it should give me that confirmation that and email was sent. I've checked the email addresses countless times, and they are correct. Any reason this is happening for some folks and not others?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hey @KarenTF

    The first thing I'd check is my internet connection and if this happens on other browsers.

    If you've tested multiple browsers but you're still unable to invite specific users to this workspace, please contact Smartsheet Support with the following data:

    • Emails you're trying to invite
    • Workspace name
    • The browsers you tested
    • If you can invite them to other items (workspace, sheet, etc)
    • If other users can invite them to a workspace