Deleted column data, accidentally 3 DAYS AGO!! No email, warning and/or notice?!

I've been building the sheet I work with daily since 2019; the data is used for long term reporting, and finally, has enough data to start building reports/dashboards! I added a new column on Monday 11/20 (today is 11/22) and inadvertently deleted all the data in the column next to it; not the column itself, only the data within the column 🤦‍♀️ I pulled a snapshot from 11/20 and it sent a file that looks exactly like the current sheet (all dates removed) with the column highlighted to show the change made. You would think there would be a pop-up or email sent?! Nothing. . . .

I am at a loss and don't know how to get the dates back to repopulate the sheet! I am already fishing to find reasons to keep Smartsheet around during not-so-great times, and hoping there is a solution so I can add this to the "Pro's" column and not another "CON". Thank you in advance for your support!