Creating a formula

Hi, Im trying to create a formula to pulls data through another sheet.

This is what i have but its not working, the column its referencing to is this

Complaints are added on another sheet and all i need is if a complaint is added on eg 06/11/2023 using a date column then it pulls to this sheet and shows as 1 in the number of complaints column.

Im not sure why nothing is pulling through.

I have referenced this column on the other sheet.


  • NickStaffordPM
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    edited 11/23/23

    So I think this answers your question but I am not sure... let me know!

    I have used a combination of IFERRORs and VLOOKUPS to look for a particular look up value on several sheets and to then reference other columns for the sheet once found. the Synthax is below

    =IFERROR(VLOOKUP([VLOOKUPID1]@row, {Execution Planning Project Kanban Range 1}, 2), IFERROR(VLOOKUP([VLOOKUPID1]@row, {SC Smart Team Project Tracker Kanban Range 1}, 2), VLOOKUP([VLOOKUPID1]@row, {MB Canada - Continuous Improvement KANBAN}, 2)))

    Once the formula has found the unique identifier (VLOOKUP([VLOOKUPID1]@row) it is looking for within the ranges you have set ({Execution Planning Project Kanban Range 1}, {SC Smart Team Project Tracker Kanban Range 1},{MB Canada - Continuous Improvement KANBAN}), which I have set be the entire source sheet, you will indicate which column of information your Delivery Date of Issue occupies (bolded numberds above). This will allow the formula to look up the unique ID and populate the information cooresponding the column you have reference, ideall Delivery Date of Issue in your situation.