New Sheet with associated Form Created and was working well - now experiencing issues

1) For some reason the latest submissions are not being added to the sheet - what can be the issue

2) How do I set an ID number to automatically be added to each row on sheet and that ID number can then be used to link it the that row on another sheet (which does not follow the same order)

3) I would like two sheets to be linked in following way - when we fill in certain cell in a given row On sheet A how can it be set to be linked to sheet B


  • AravindGP
    AravindGP ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @EMG

    If you have created a new identical sheet and the data from form entries are not getting saved, it could be a case that he form link still belongs to sheet 1.

    Your second and third questions, if I understand correctly, is having the ability to link certain cell values from Sheet A to Sheet B. You possibly won't be able to use an ID number to link the data as you've mentioned the same order doesn't exist in Sheet B. If there's another common unique parameter between the two sheets, you can use an INDEX & MATCH formula to get the data. If there's a combination of values you will need to link the data, you can look at using INDEX & COLLECT.



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