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I am trying to create a recurring engagement tracker for my team to leverage throughout the year. My team is focused on internal go-to-market & enablement activities, which requires us to meet with internal teams throughout the year (at least once a quarter). I want to create a tracker to help with this, but ideally it would have automation built in to identify the teams we need to schedule time with, follow-up with, etc. I have checked the available templates, but nothing seems to address recurring tasks. I'm very much a Smartsheet beginner, with high hopes of leveraging this to help my team manage their outreach, scheduling, etc.


  • Zachary Hall
    Zachary Hall ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @tjohnson1,

    Automations could definitely be set up to help your team with reminders. You can create a workflow with a Trigger for "When a date is reached". To make it recurring change "Run once" to "Custom" and then choose how frequently you would like the event to occur.

    You mentioned once a quarter, so for that option you could repeat every 3 months. There are also options for particular days of the month. (Second Tuesday for example)

    Here's a great Topic on how to set these up.

    Hope this helps! Come back if you get stuck!


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