Sumifs with multiple criteria options within same criteria range

Martha Hemingway
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I am trying to write a formula that will count the # of days that are considered "Time Off".

I've put a filter on my source sheet with the needed criteria and need my formula to give the # 11.

Essentially - look at Sheet (Field Movements). Give me a sum(total) of the "Da..." column (which this would equal 11)

Criteria Range: - DSM Name =<name i'm specifically pulling for - in this case is AW>

Month Range (hidden column) = "November" because the dates of travel fall within the month of November

Business Purpose Range: I need it to include the 4 listed above (Annual, Sick, Bank Holiday, Day Off).

I can get my sumifs to work if I am only referencing one specific Business Purpose as shown in table below, but I do not know how to do a calculation to make the TimeOff row look for multiple purposes together in one.

Here's best way to explain:

@Paul Newcome - do you have any magic when it comes to formulas?


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