How do I connect 2 tracking sheets, one an inventory sheet, one an onboarding tracker


I have an onboarding tracking sheet and would like to create an inventory tracker that the onboarding tracker would feed from to assign the equipment for new employee. I would like them to connect in a way that it would keep a running inventory. I am brand new with high aspirations and only basic knowledge to get started.


  • Genevieve P.

    Hey @KAnderson808

    There are a few template sets in the Solution Center that may help show a few ways you can do this, then you can adjust it for your own processes. For example, the Asset Management set or the Project Tracking and Rollup set.

    You don't necessarily need to download the sets - they have setup instructions linked that go through how they're configured if you want to see some tips & tricks.

    If this doesn't point you in the right direction, the Community may be able to help! We would need to see screen captures of your sheets with explanations of what you want linked or connected, but please block out sensitive data.



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