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Arsineh Employee Admin
edited 11/29/23 in Events

Hello Community,

It was back in September at ENGAGE in Seattle that we announced ENGAGE will be coming to London May 14-15, 2024! 

If you’ve been to ENGAGE previously, help our first-timers prepare for the upcoming ENGAGE in London by sharing your experience. [Earlier this year, many of you shared what you were looking forward to most at ENGAGE and we loved reading your responses.]

What would you say to someone who's considering attending ENGAGE for the first time?

If you’re going to be experiencing ENGAGE for the first time – connect with other attendees in the comments below, learn about the experience peers have had in the past, and get helpful advice.

ENGAGE in London will be an immersive experience packed with actionable sessions (presented entirely in English), real-time solutioning, thought-provoking speakers, and the tools to help you realise new potential. 

Different from ENGAGE in Seattle, our London event will be much more intimate and ideal for connecting with like-minded people.

Be sure to check back regularly for updates. Event registration opens in February. 

Hope to see you there.



  • cbredehoeft
    cbredehoeft ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Arsineh Curious if the content in London will be different than in Seattle this past September??

  • Arsineh
    Arsineh Employee Admin

    @cbredehoeft We’re starting with the most popular sessions from the Seattle ENGAGE, and updating and reworking the content to provide as much new material as possible.

  • Deanna Vandermeer
    Deanna Vandermeer Overachievers Alumni

    What would you say to someone who's considering attending ENGAGE for the first time?

    1. Don't even hesitate, just GO! You won't regret it (except perhaps if you think back on previous ENGAGE years when you did not or were unable to attend).
    2. Bring your laptop as you will learn sooooo many new tips and tricks that you will want to nerd out back in your hotel room each night implementing everything you learned and updating your existing solutions.
    3. Drink lots of water as your mouth may go dry from talking and engaging with everyone. The networking is truly one of the most powerful and valuable reasons to attend ENGAGE!
    4. Explore all of the booths and be sure you have brought with you a bigger suitcase to store all of the goodies you will pick up along the way.
    5. Prepare to be energized by everyone around you, being with like-minded thinkers and fellow Smartsheet lovers will get you hooked and then you will never want to miss out on another ENGAGE, ever!
    6. Plan on attending the gatherings and parties - they are amazing!
    7. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy --- ENGAGE is one of the best experiences!!!!

    Smartsheet Overachievers Alumni

  • Arsineh
    Arsineh Employee Admin
    edited 12/04/23

    Enjoyed reading this and appreciate your enthusiasm, @Lucas Rayala . My favorite "Engage is my once-a-year chance to truly geek out about Smartsheet, surrounded by fellow enthusiasts who understand the joy of a perfectly executed formula. It's the Woodstock of project management, minus the mud and with a lot more Wi-Fi." 😆

  • Alison Clancy
    Alison Clancy Employee Admin

    I feel like you were speaking directly to me with that Beyoncé comment! 🤩 Aside from when she tours, ENGAGE is also the Queen Bey of my calendar.

  • Chris Mondeau
    Chris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    What to say that all the others haven't? Firstly, it's a blast. There's definitely something in the air that's electric.

    Related to engage, definitely make sure you bring some tech to show and tell. There are so many subject matter experts, whether it's in the Smartsheet platform, or a specialty skill or experience within your industry. I've always loved sharing what I've built with others, and love to see what others have built themselves.

    With that in mind, definitely look for a channel to connect. Whether it's at the lunch tables, any of the booths setup, your neighbors in the keynote; just strike up the conversation and ask "what's something cool you've built?"

    It's true there's a million things to do. I think that Engage starts before the actual event, and can't recommend enough that you review the agenda and breakout sessions and see which ones pique your interest most. I've often found that the sessions I know little about, or ones that seem too advanced are some of the most informative and valuable sessions around. Don't be afraid to check them out, things like advanced security or API integrations are always solid!

    But my all-time favorite its the Labs breakout in the back. I could spend the entire day talking with the team to see what they're brewing up next around the corner, and equally so getting some hands on time with the Early adopters group.

    And if you're not tired from the trip, try to take some time for yourself and explore Seattle! There's so much to do and see. A personal favorite is the Museum of Flight. But there are other great places around to sight-see and food to eat!

  • A.J.
    A.J. ✭✭✭✭✭
    1. Rest before, plan to be on-the-go the whole time.
    2. Make your coworkers aware that you are going to be out of office so you can dive into the conference and not have to constantly answer/check/do for your day-to-day.
    3. Fly out/go home late enough so you don't miss any content.
    4. Drink lots of water.
    5. Block a day during your first week back to organize your notes and to send follow-ups.
  • Colleen Patterson
    Colleen Patterson ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I had to pitch going to Engage and had been turned down in the past. After going once, I don't feel like this can be missed. It was SUCH an amazing experience. As someone who felt strongly about my skill level in core product, I was BLOWN AWAY at the quality of the Engage program.

    Key notes are amazing, dynamic and valuable.

    The sessions are valuable and really do unlock new potential.

    The diversity and inclusion - there truly is a place for everyone. Even meeting new people at meals and learning about their skills.

    The "hall" - I was able to get expert access to solve an ongoing issue I was experience.

    The meeting for me was an opportunity to dream in color, and I was able to bring back actionable insights to bring us to the next level. Out of every professional conference that I have attended, this was by far the best!

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