Pivot table only has 2 decimal places

I'm creating a pivot table using the Pivot App from a sheet (also tried from report with the same data, and neither resolves the issue), where the values are percentages that go out to 2 decimal places. (Ex. 95.25%) The pivot table is converting the values (whether I do sum or average) to a number and only two decimal places, in essence rounding all my data to whole numbers. (Ex. pivot shows .95 for the value above instead of .9525.)

I've tried formatting the sheet/report as both a percent, as above, or a number to 4 decimal places. It does not change how the pivot app pulls the values into the pivot sheet. They are always rounded (not truncated) to two places.

How do I get the pivot to show the values as they are in the sheet, to the right number of places?

(For additional detail, I am using pivot to "transpose" data from columns into rows. There is only one value for each of the rows, which are months. So it's not doing any actual sum or average... I just need to see the values exactly as in my sheet.)

Here is the data in report format (identical to sheet format) with the values showing as number and percent (neither matters).

Here is the pivot set up with column values as SUM and AVG (neither matters).

Here is the pivot output, regardless of how my data is formatted... always with two decimal places, as a number.

So when I format these on my final sheet for which I use this data, they are always whole percentages vs percentages with decimal places, which is not an accurate representation of the results.

Is there a way to format the pivot output to more than 2 decimal places?