Should be simple I thought


I have tried what I thought should be a simple formula two or three different ways. Here is the basis of the requirement.

Multiple Months, Multiple Vendors with multiple invoices within a month, Multiple projects that some of the vendors bill to and others do not.

For the purpose of this exercise, I need to get the invoice total by month and vendor. I am able to do this in the summary for the Invoice Sheet, but for some reason cannot bring the same logic into the Budget / Forecast Sheet.

There are two sheets involved one is the Invoice Sheet where the "Invoice Total", "Vendor ID", and "Svc Month" are located. The other sheet is the Budget sheet where Month over Month Total by Vendor should be, which includes "Vendor ID", and columns for each month, e.g., "Aug 2023"

any assistance would be very much appreciated at this point as I am now at a loss.


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