Use Proofing for text in columns instead of uploaded files/images?


We would like to use the proofing feature for reviews & approvals of textual content in 3 columns of our smartsheet.


  • The proofing feature seems to only support uploaded files -- not text from the sheet.
  • We need reviews/approvals from people who do not have Smartsheet Editor permissions, so the Conversation feature doesn't seem to be a good fit, either.

We realize we could take a screenshot of the relevant 3 fields, save it as a file, and upload it as a proof for that row. But our sheet will have many rows, and we don't want to add extra steps to an already time-consuming process.

Are there any other obvious solutions that we are missing? Thanks in advance!


  • Toufong Vang
    Toufong Vang ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi, @equinixkm

    One approach is to use Smartsheet's update request feature.

    • Update requests can be emailed to anyone.
    • The recipient is not required to have a Smartsheet login.
    • You can expose fields from the sheet in the update request.
    • The recipient will be able to modify the fields you include.
    • You can make a field read-only by locking the column in the sheet.
    • You can also include attachments in the request.

    Community members may have additional suggestions.