Sharing Issues


I've created a dashboard that I'd like to share with my team. I only want them to be able to view it and interact with the calendar views. Mostly just view it. Several things happen.

1- they are asked to create a licensed account in order to view

2-they simply can't see it

3-some items show but others don't <--- This happened when a team member inadvertently created a 30-day trial

I've published the calendar and shared it with viewing permissions. What else am I doing wrong?


Denise Javins, Marketing Manager

Geauga County Public Library


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @DeniseJ

    If you don't want your users to create Smartsheet accounts, you'll need to publish the entire Dashboard with the "Available to anyone" permission setting:

    Then depending on what widgets you have in the dashboard, you may need to adjust their settings as well. You note that you have a published sheet, I assume this is embedded using the Web Content Widget, is that correct? If so, double check that the Publish settings are available to anyone as well. This won't require a Smartsheet login when looking at the Dashboard and the Widget. Here's more information: Publish a sheet, report, or dashboard