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Hello everyone,

I am trying to create a table in which the first row has the week-end dates (week ending Friday), instead of putting the dates manually, is there any formula I can use?

Please note that I need the columns to remain in text/number format only



  • Zachary Hall
    Zachary Hall ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    It will depend on how you are generating the dates. I will be happy to give you A formula, but you may have to tweak depending on how you have your dates. The following formula could be used to generate the next weekend dates based off the current day:

    • =MONTH(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY()))) + "/" + DAY(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY()))) + "/" + YEAR(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY())))+" & "+ MONTH(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY(-1)))) + "/" + DAY(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY(-1)))) + "/" + YEAR(TODAY(7 - WEEKDAY(TODAY(-1))))

    Let me know if you need additional help.



    Zach Hall

    Training Delivery Manager / Charter Communications

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