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Using Zapier to Move Attachments and Comments

Adam Hutchinson
Adam Hutchinson ✭✭✭
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Is there any way to have Zapier move an entire Sheet's contents?  

I am trying to automatically move selected contents of a row that contains confidential information to another sheet that can be viewed by a user who I don't want to access that confidential information.  But I also want them to be able to comment on the information if necessary.  Otherwise I would just use the report function - however reports require someone to be shared to the full sheet in order to be able to comment on the slice I give them.... 


  • Hi Adam,

    I have not tested this out, but this may be a start:




  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    I'm a bit confused by your wording, but will do what I can to parse them correctly.

    re: Is there any way to have Zapier move an entire Sheet's contents? 

    Yes and no. Zapier does not trigger on a sheet, only on what happens on a row. A Zap can create a new sheet based on an existing sheet or template. This is would be a copy, not a move.

    Your explanation, however, leads me to believe you are not trying to move entire sheet contents. You are pretty explicit about that.

    You say you want to "move selected contents of a row" and be able to "comment on" it (I assume in the new location).

    I do not believe you really want to move it. A move is a copy and a deletion. The information would no longer be in the original sheet.

    The Copy Row action from Zapier is all or nothing. You can selectively copy parts of the row. 

    If your original source sheet is static, that is the rows are fixed and you aren't adding new ones often, then you could use the New Row Update. (side note: I think this action is misnamed, as it is Existing Row Update). This requires setting up the two sheets to understand which rows are associated with which rows. This is something I have successfully done often. 

    The New Row Update, however, can not be used to bring over the existing comments on the source sheet's row. I don't have a way outside of the API to do that yet.

    Additionally, when the comments the second sheet are added, Zapier can be used to put some of them back to the original sheet if that is what you want. There are some limitations (added back to first sheet as new thread not reply to existing thread, for example), but in general it can be done. 

    Lastly, I am most familiar with Zapier. Azuqua has some differences in triggers and actions, but for me is prohibitively expensive. I can write my own code cheaper. Automate.io may also be a solution, but I find it buggier than Zapier.

    I hope this helps.








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