Why isn't a number showing up in a filter

Pamela Wagner
Pamela Wagner ✭✭✭✭✭✭

I've imported a ton of data into various sheets and came across potentially a big issue - Smartsheet isn't recognizing a ticket ID when I ask it to filter for it. I think this is also why a VLOOKUP is not working. When I do a general search using CTRL + F, it will find the number but if I create a filter and ask it to filter if the column "contains" the number, nothing will come up. The Ticket ID number is my primary column so I tried creating a new column, have the properties as Text/Number copied the number into the column under 3 rows and it still will not filter for the number. In addition, yesterday I was trying to pull in some data from another sheet via VLOOKUP using the Ticket ID as my master data and it would not return a match. It didn't give me an error, just noted that there was no match. Why will it find the number when I CTRL + F but not when I filter or VLOOKUP??