Approval workflow - multiple sign-off

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I'm trying to setup an approval workflow and this process needs to be sent to multiple approvers at the same time and requires all of them to sign, not the first one and should not be sequential.

thank you



  • Brucey
    Brucey ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey Nathan,

    I would set up approval columns for each approver so you can see clearly what is outstanding.

    For each approver you can set up an automation to be sent out to them, if you set up separate automations. See below.

    You can set up each automation to go to a specific person. Make sure the approval column has the drop-down options: submitted, approved, declined. Then you can configure the responses in the 'advanced options' as seen below.

    Also make sure to set up the columns first and make sure they are selected In the 'save responses in' section here. Happy to help further if needed