Column selected to display in Card View Settings but not displaying


I'm running into an issue when using Card View where it's not displaying a specific column in the individual cards despite it being selected in the Card View Settings.

The column we are looking to display is "Responsible Associate" and as you can see in the screenshot below, the example row has data in this column and the column is selected to display but it's not actually showing.

The column we are attempting to show is setup as a Contact List and we are wondering if that may be part of the issue?

Is this a known bug or is there perhaps a known work around that would not involve creating a sort of 'filler' column? The sheets we use have a pretty large volume and adding an extra column is not an ideal/feasible workaround



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Josh Shelman

    Can you post a screen capture of the column properties of the column in Grid View?

    Since there's a slight bit of grey with the name, it looks like this might be a multi-select Contact column, is that correct? However I see with this contact it starts immediately with the letter "J". Contacts should have a circle next to them that indicates the value is seen as a contact type of value.

    In any case, whether this is a Contact type of column or a multi-select dropdown, the value should be appearing in your Card View if it's one of the 9 selected. If un-selecting it and then re-selecting it doesn't make it appear in the view, please contact Support with a screen recording of the behaviour and the sheet URL.



  • Thanks for the response Genevieve! I totally misspoke on the column issue as looking into it, it's actually a "Dropdown list". These are the current settings as well, hoping there is a way to make it show!

  • Something else we noticed which is a bit odd, when selected in card view on the actual sheet itself it seems to be displaying the column just fine! However we'd been instructed to have folks work from a "report" of the main sheet as there is usually about 15 users working at the same time.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Josh Shelman

    Thank you for the extra detail, this definitely helps test!

    You can select a multi-select column with restricted values as a field to display on your Card View, even in a Report:

    Is it possible that you have multiple sheets selected in the Report, and that one of the other sheets doesn't have this column?

  • Apologies for the delay, not sure what happened but things seem to have clicked and are working well!