Identify duplicates based two or more fields


I am creating a contacts directory which will be populating the contact information of our collaborators across the globe. This form will be completed by various team members and there is a chance to enter the same contact information by multiple team members. Fileds like First Name, Last Name, Country, Institution, Email and Profession will be captured, and Email column may more than one email separated by semicolon.

Now, I want to identify the duplicates based on common first name, last name, country and Institution. I am looking for a workaround to send me a notification, whenever a duplicate row was added with same information (identical first name, last name, country and Institution). I was able to create and identify duplicate rows using the email column alone. But this did not seem to be efficient in my scenario, since the first entered information may one email and next one might have two emails (but both the rows have same persons info). So, creating a workflow that identifies common fields would be helpful.

or please provide me any other suggestions that would be helpful.



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    Hi @Mounika,

    You can create a checkbox column called "Duplicate" (or whatever you want) and use the following formula.

    =IF(COUNTIFS([First Name]:[First Name], [First Name]@row, [Last Name]:[Last Name], [Last Name]@row, Country:Country, Country@row, Institution:Institution, Institution@row) > 1, 1)

    Hope that helps,