Deleting Columns

I have a sheet (I"ll call it Sheet 2) that is populated with an automation of rows copying over from another sheet (I'll call this Sheet 1). I only want to see 5 of about 30 of the columns in Sheet 2. If I delete columns on Sheet 2, when a line copies over from Sheet 1, the next day, all of the columns reappear on Sheet 2. Is there a way to only include the 5 columns that I need? I have them hidden for now but would prefer that they dont come over at all so when we export it, they arent included.

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  • Marlana K.
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    Unfortunately not at this time. Check the feature request section and vote up if you find an enhancement request. If not it would be best to enter a request.

    Why not use a report? This allows you to see only the columns you select and that report can be exported to excel. Would be happy to help if needed.