Change cell value from a Manual Send Update Request


I'm working through a sheet where a team receives the result of a form with attachments. The team then reviews what was provided and does a manual send for update within the sheet to notify the person that filled out the form that they are missing info (could be multiple things that were expected).

The sheet has a status field (assigned, Pending additional info, form approved, completed etc..) . The assigned is done via automation pending the state selected on the form.

The part I'm trying to figure out is if there is a way to change the status from Assigned to Pending Additional Info automatically if the team does a Manual Send for Update within the sheet. I know they can just manually change it but just exploring all options.

I don't have any other trigger currently that I can check against to make that change.


  • Hi @tovythomas

    I had a look at the automations and I could not see an option for that.

    However, you could do this, rather than the team doing a manual send for update, create an automation that sends an update request when the status is changed to pending additional info.

    The update request will show the fields (including the ones that are completed) and the message could be with the subject header: Information missing and the fields that you show are the fields in the form (including those that are fully completed), that gives the team only one task to do and there will be an update request sent without the manual intervention.

    If when it is submitted, the team change it to review, then that is holding for a review which means if anything is still missing, they change it back to pending additional information and the status update goes out again. You can use the last update comment field to explain why it has been sent back and show that field (it can't be updated but added to)

    that means 1 action with a comment instead of what you are doing now.

    Hope that helps


  • Thanks for the quick reply and taking a look. I had considered something like that as well. The issue at hand is each update send is not necessarily the same. It could be for example missing a policy number or some other form that was required for a specific state. So automating the Send Update would work but we'd still need to customize the message before it went out . If each missing item was its own field in the sheet that could work, but sometimes it is missing items within the actual attachment they have submitted.

  • Hi @tovythomas

    Could you change it so that it isn't an attachment at all and have all the information you need in separate fields so that it takes out the need for an attachment altogether? That way, if you make it required then the information has to be updated meaning you are not likely to need the status update and then using the document generator function, create the final document and add that as an attachment?

    Would save you a lot of time and also you could then use the time you are using for a review of the quality rather than having fields that are missing?

    @Purnima Gore_PGPS

  • The issue is that it is insurance related and we receive the info from specific forms but because of different state guidelines , there can be different info required. We collect specific info direct from the Smartsheet form but then also from the attachment.

    If the worst case is they have to change the status, then i don't think its a big deal. I was just curious to see if it could be triggered from an action within the sheet.