SmartsheetGOV user unable to access Smartsheet U or Center of Excellence

I'm the administrator for our Smartsheetgov account, and I'm having trouble accessing both the Center of Excellence and Smartsheet University. (And the free recordings from Engage 2022.) I was just trying to refer some new users to them, but couldn't verify that access still worked.

We had a code for the Center of Excellence that worked for the first couple of years, and I think even up to a couple of months ago, but now I get a message saying "you've already used that code". Well, yeah, multiple times over the years...

Smartsheet University doesn't recognize my login credentials, and it doesn't help if I'm already logged into my actual Smartsheetgov account. (Neither username/pw nor "Log in with Microsoft" works -- BOTH work for actual Smartsheetgov access.) I think the problem may be related to "regions", because I think at one point I was told that I had to select "Government" as my region, but now SmartU doesn't give that choice -- the only regions are "Default" and "Europe".


  • Marcela
    Marcela Employee Admin

    Hello @Rsteer,

    I'm sorry to hear you were having issues accessing Smartsheet gov, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I'd like to inform that our Engineering team has made changes to address this behavior and you should be able to access Smartsheet Gov again since December 13, 2023, 8:27am PST.