Can a milestone task be closed based on completion of an approval task?


In each of my parent group of tasks I have an approval task, followed by a milestone task. Both are important for reporting.


Task1: Manager approves ABC Webpage for publishing

Task2: Milestone: ABC Webpage ready for publishing -

Predecessor for Task2 is Task1.

Problem: When Task1 is marked Complete, I want Task2 to automatically mark Complete as well.

Task2 required no implementation, it is for reporting of Milestones only.


  • John Shane
    John Shane ✭✭✭✭


    Are you using a check box or a symbol to show progress? If using the filled bar symbol, a formula like

    =IF(Task1 = "Full", "Full", "") in the symbol block of Task 2 where Task1 points to the symbol block for Task 1 (not sure what your column header is).

    If you are using check boxes, you can use

    =IF(Task1 = 1, 1, 0) with the same edits as above.



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