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I have a column available for users to choose from eight different build statuses. The goal is to automatically capture the date when the Publish status is selected. However, not all eight status options are available in the automatic workflow. I assumed it was a scrolling issue, but that is not the case. What am I doing wrong or missing?


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    Can you paste all the options here?

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  • Mrs. J
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    Hello! I apologize for the delayed response. I was out of the office for the holidays. Here are all eight options.

    1. Planning: Course materials are being collected, organized, and outlined.

    2. Development: Course materials are being created, such as lectures, assignments, and assessments.

    3. Review: The faculty are reviewing the course materials to ensure they meet quality standards.

    4. Testing: The course materials are being tested to ensure they work as intended and any bugs or technical issues are being addressed.

    5. Revision: Feedback from reviews and testing is being incorporated, and the course materials are being revised as needed.

    6. Finalization: The course materials are being finalized and prepared for publishing.

    7. Publish: The course is available to learners, and ongoing maintenance and updates may be performed as needed.

    8. Site built by course instructor: The course site or support is unnecessary because the instructor will manage the course build.

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