Totaling Scores Conditionally


Hi all,

I'm putting together a resume scoring Smartsheet and want to total five domain values.

Applicants can apply for either our quantitative analyst or qualitative analyst position. Some apply for both. All applicants receive scores (0-2) (dropdown) for 4 categories (relevant coursework, interest. etc). Quantitative applicants receive a score for "Quantitative Skills", while qualitative applicants receive a score for "Qualitative Skills"; those who apply to both positions receive scores for both.

If the applicant applies for quant, they receive no score for qual (and vice versa).

I have a "Final Score - Qual" and "Final Score - Quant" column for each applicant. If the candidate is a quantitative applicant (so doesn't receive a score for qualitative skills), how do I get the "Final Score - Qual" sum to show false or N/A?


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