Working time vs passive (waiting) time

Is there a way to differentiate active working time vs passive waiting time? For example, engineers manage multiple projects at the same time. Each project may include tasks that the engineer is still responsible for, but they are not actively working during this time. For example, sending a sample out to a third party for testing. The test results must be received before the engineer can move forward and this may take up to 2 weeks. These are still assigned to the engineer because they may need to follow up with the vendor, etc. If the engineer is working three projects and two of them are currently in a holding pattern, it looks like they are working 120 hours per week. But in reality, they are actively only working one project that week and passively waiting on something for the other two.


  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you have dependencies enables you could use lag/lead time. Or you could have 2 contact columns, one has the %allocationattached, one doesnt. For the tasks that the engineer is sending something for approval, have the approved take the allocation %, and the other employee as a "supervisor" or something similar.