Which learning path should I use for certification?

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I am aiming to take my certification exam for work but am unsure if I should go with the eLearning Self Paced Course or the Core App Instructor Lead Course. Some posts suggest one way and some suggest another. What should I do?


  • StevenBlackburnMBA
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    Hi @jschul40,

    This honestly depends on the type of learner you are and how much you already know about Smartsheet versus how much you still want to learn. I always opt in to try out the most extensive training regardless, because for me -- it allows to see the way the system was intended. This helps me ensure I capture things I didn't know existed within a functionality of the system or not.

    Smartsheet has alot of little tips and tricks you'll get from some of these videos, and some of those won't apply to the certification. If you do it this way, you should be best prepared to use the system (which in turn will be beneficial for your cert exam).

    I would do free courses in Smartsheet University first, and if you feel the Core App Instructor Led course is still necessary, then you can pay the additional fee for it (if there is)... if not, I'd do both for the best and complete knowledge.

    Hope this helps you make your decision!



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  • edapel
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    I think this is up to how you learn best. I learn best by taking the instructor led courses, however for my Sys Admin Cert I am/have been taking the self-paced. Both are great, as long as you remember the community is the place to ask questions you may have when doing self-paced.

    Hope this helps, and Happy New Year!

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