Sheet to sheet form automatio

I have a feeling this isn't possible but I'll toss it out there.

Sheet #1 I have submitted contact information from a contractor who'd like to do business with us. All well and good. Once we've vetted this lead, I'd like to set up a trigger (status change) that sends out a form attached to Sheet #2, which is where our orders live. Theoretically, the order drops onto Sheet #2 as a new row, alerts a staffer and away we go.

I've played with every setting there is and it does not appear that I can automate sending the form for Sheet #2 with a trigger on Sheet #1.

Would this workaround have potential?

Status change triggers copying some cells from Sheet #1 (including contact info) over to Sheet #2, where I can set a new automation to send out the order form? But doesn't that now make my form not a form but an update request?