Where to start? (Project Management)

Happy New Year! 

I'm attempting to learn how to use Smartsheet to manage our Training Department's many multi-faceted projects.

As I sort through all Smartsheet offers, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated because my budget doesn't allow for me to take multiple courses in order to earn the badges I would need to qualify to take the actual Project Management Course they have available. 

I guess what I'm hoping to learn from you is: in what order did you take your courses? Do you have a suggested course that you found most beneficial as a starting off point? If there was one single course you would suggest to anyone just starting out with Smartsheet, where would their money be best spent?

I attended the free webinars our company offered, I utilize the community in the best way I know how, I watch all of the online videos, I completed the onboarding videos, and I piece together what I can. By now, however, I feel like I'm spinning in circles, so I need something more streamlined; an A-Z on how to get the most out of Smartsheet in order to effectively manage our sales, production, and general training projects in one place while simultaneously training 6 other team members on how to communicate and maintain their own tasks through the platform.

If you have any advice or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your time and assistance.


  • edapel
    edapel ✭✭✭✭

    Hi @ssummer hope this will help.

    I tell everyone starting to start off with the following. (link included)

    Review the full onboarding videos, this will teach you about the sheets, reports, dashboards. It will make you dangerous enough to want to learn much more. Onboarding Videos (smartsheet.com)

    I am not fully sure how many of the self-paced learning is free or costs, as my company purchased the full learning with our packages. But go to Smartsheet U and see what is available and what you have access too. Also keep an eye out on the Community pages, as you can learn much from others questions and answers to them.

    Have a great one!


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  • ssummer
    ssummer ✭✭

    Thanks, Ed! As I indicated in my last paragraph, I did complete the onboarding videos and I do utilize the community, as well as other available resources. I wish my company was able to purchase the full learning! That sounds so helpful! The courses are quite pricey, and the free ones - while some are quite helpful and useful, more often than not they end up just being glorified ads. That's why I was looking for someone to guide me to the most useful course they offer, so I can spend my small budget wisely. I appreciate your time and effort, though!

  • James Keuning
    James Keuning ✭✭✭✭✭

    My team figured out a thing we wanted to make, and started making it. When we had a question, we came onto this forum and asked the question. The answers let us advance to the next step.