Missing Form Submissions?

I am looking for 15 form submissions that have gone missing via the ‘move’ automation.

We have one sheet “Adverse Events Master Sheet (Trial 2.0)”, with multiple forms feeding in to it. The form of interest is ‘Positive Interventions’.

When someone has a link to and submits via the Positive Interventions form, a box is automatically ticked which triggers an automation to move this particular row/submission to “Positive Interventions (Trial 2.0)”.

I can see there have been 15 submissions to the form, but there are not 15 rows on any of the sheets they’re supposed to be on (the PI sheet or the AEMS Trial). Is it possible to recover form submissions somehow? 



  • Tim C
    Tim C ✭✭✭✭✭

    Two things to check just in case- sometimes the move row will be wayyy down off the screen on the destination sheet, scroll around to make sure isn't hiding below somewhere. 2 you could check the activity log of the source and destination sheets (from the right rail). You could also double check the form is pointing at the correct sheet by turning off the move row automation, testing the form submission, and see what happens. If it's truly gone, definitely put in a support ticket.