Audit, tracking and reports


I am new to Smartsheet and I’m looking to build a specific project. I work at a hospital. Every week we round in a different department in the hospital and do an audit of that department. The team performing the audit consists of a team member from various specialties: IT, Infection Prevention, Environmental Services, Safety, etc. Each speciality has about 15-20 questions they need to answer that are specific to their speciality: IT is looking for “fallouts” for IT things while Infection Prevention (IP) is looking for “fallouts” for IP things.

Problem 1: I set up a sheet and labeled the parent rows to match each specialty (IT, EVS, Safety, etc) and all the questions for a particular specialty under each parent row. Since we are auditing, it is “easiest” to do on the phone app, however, it’s really clunky and requires a lot of scrolling for people to get to their section (with questions specific to their specialty). How do I make this more user friendly? I’ve thought about using forms instead of sheets, but I can’t think of an easy way to build an audit for each specialty using forms since each specialty has 15-20 specific questions they must answer.

Problem 2: As I said earlier, we round in a different department every week, so each department is audited twice in a year (every 6 months). That means we have a different “sheet” for every area in which we round. Is this the more efficient way to do this? Also, when a department is audited again, I would like to circle back on the audit performed 6 months prior to see if the issues we identified are still recurring or have been resolved. Can you “reuse” a sheet to gather more data? How would you do this using the phone app?

Problem 3: Since I have customized questions for every specialty, we can find hospital trends by running a report of the whole hospital (all 52 weeks of rounding/audits) Can I create a report that is a “running report” so that every week we round, that data uploads into a report and those trending issues are displayed in a revised report?