How can I get around the 64 column limit in card view?

I need to setup a card view that view's by the different services we have at each property. There are more than 64 services listed in this dropdown menu, so I am not able to see all of these in the card view. Is there an alternative way to present this information in card view to get around the 64 column limit?

Also, is there a setting that can be enabled to remove columns of drop down items that have 0 line items?



  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    Hi @Nick Sullivan

    Are you a part of the EAP program? If not, you might consider joining so you can get the latest on Board view, which is a new Card view Smartsheet is developing. The functionality is currently pretty limited, but if you join the EAP program you can try it out and provide direct feedback to the Smartsheet team developing the view. Maybe you can present a strong case for the features you're looking for.