Combining Data from Pivot Tables and Sheets


Here's the backstory I am creating a dashboard complete with dynamic views, reports, sheets and pivot tables.

On my main data sheet I have a column labled Supervisor Name and another labled Department. In this main sheet I calculate numbers that correspond with an employee name for each month. I ran a pivot table and sorted it by department and I take the sum of each month's numbers which relate to an employee name. The pivot table is great, it gives me almost everything that I need but I would like to create another column on the pivot table and create a % of a total sum, add Supervisor names and departments associated with the employees on the pivot table. When I add columns to the pivot table, my pivot table does not update. I was unsure how to do a vlookup for Supervisor name and department so I manually did the vlookup in an Excel file and copy and pasted this data into the pivot table. What is the best way for capturing data from the main data sheet and also from the pivot table? I want to run reports off of the pivot table with cumulative total data to then run dynamic views. I update the main data sheet monthly.

What am I doing wrong?



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