Pivot App not automatically updating

I've created a pivot using Pivot App and the execution frequency is set to immediate, however when I add data to the source sheet it does not update and I have to manually refresh the pivot - does anyone have the same issue or know how to solve?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Donna Wherry

    Can you clarify how long you're waiting before manually refreshing the Pivot?

    It's expected that the Pivot app's execution frequency of "immediately" can mean anywhere between 5 minutes of the change to up to 1 hour. The longer gap happens if there are a number of requests all coming through at the same time: if there is a high load on the systems, Pivot falls back on a scheduled job that runs all of the configs every hour. This background process helps to make sure that changes that are made to the source Sheet are put into the target Sheet.

    If you're still not seeing the Pivot workflow run after over an hour, please reach out to Smartsheet Support with as much detail as possible and they can help look into this for you.