Rankeq and Collect formula

I am having trouble with a Collect formula when I add another criteria. The Collect formula is embedded in a Rankeq formula. This formula (Rank column) works:

=IFERROR(RANKEQ(DateNum@row, COLLECT(DateNum:DateNum, DateNum:DateNum, @cell <> ""), 0), "")

When I add to the Collect portion of the formula (RankKL column) I get a blank.

=IFERROR(RANKEQ(DateNum@row, COLLECT(DateNum:DateNum, DateNum:DateNum, @cell <> "", Type:Type, "Key Leaders"), 0), "")

If I just use =COUNT(COLLECT(DateNum:DateNum, Type:Type, "Key Leaders")), I get a 1, whereas I thought it should be 3.

Any help would be appreciated.


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