Send alert when user hasn't accessed sheet in X days

Hey there - I'm trying to set up an alert redirecting users to my sheet to make sure everyone's using it and gently nudging them if they aren't.

Here's the logic:

IF they 
a) have permissions to access the sheet 
b) haven't accessed it or changed anything within the last 20 days. 
THEN Send a message including a link to the sheet or form
  • Is there a way to trigger an alert based on time since a change log timestamp?
  • If no, can I track modified-at timestamps on another sheet and trigger a message based on time since the value in that cell?

Thank you for any insight you can share!


  • RickyT
    RickyT ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can use automations to notify some one in a contact column if an update has not been made in X amount of time.

    The message you can customize to say what you asked.

    There is a "Alert Someone" template you can use to create this.

    Ricky T

    Gov Contractor for USSF

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