is there a way to report by Phase or Functional Area and Status

DLanca ✭✭
edited 02/19/24 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a project task sheet which has several columns with data to manage a testing phase and am having issues in reporting this data in my dashboard. I have a row report that looks something like the one below. I would like to calculate a % complete by workstream based on the Status.

What I expect for results is that Workstream A is 100% complete (i.e. all 4 tests passed), Workstream B is 50% complete and Workstream C is 75% complete.

In the Row report I have grouped by Functional Area and Status, however the results on the dashboard chart widget are not what I expect. The results on the dashboard are Workstream A - 33% (4 tests of 12) - Workstream B - 33% (4 tests of 12) - Workstream C - 33% (4 tests of 12).

Is there an easy way to summarize this data in the Row Report so that the chart widget calculates the % complete for each Functional area task and Status rather than as a percentage of the total tasks (i.e. 12)?