Templated Sheets and Dashboards

Hello! I have been trying to do some research into this and all of the previous questioned posted were all from some time ago (3,4 years!) so I wanted to revisit the question.

I am working on a means to create a templated sheet that is automatically tied to a dashboard that does not require someone to manually switch the source of all the data in the dashboard. Most of the historical posts I've seen suggest just putting a sheet and dashboard into a folder and "save as new" for the entire folder which does work, but doesn't work in a templatized way which would have certain elements shared at the template level (thus I am assuming updates all sheets created from the template? -- this may also be an incorrect assumption as I have not used templated sheets yet!).

The underlying sheet & dashboard I am using will basically utilize a single ID column which will update all other columns based on other sheets within our ecosystem - the dashboard visualizes the data from the sheet.

Thank you!