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Make Formulas and Dependencies Compatible

Trying to create a schedule that is specific to a 7 day work week makes the very formula I want to use inaccessible. Once dependencies are enabled, the WORKDAY formula is not usable in my start and end date columns, even though the description says "If dependencies are enabled on your sheet you can customize the non-working days, and the formulas will use your settings in calculations." As soon as dependencies are enabled, you can't use the formula within those created columns. You'd have to create a secondary column to calculate the dates and copy them over which is just silly. The whole idea was to be able to calculate the 7 day work week with WORKDAY and have the Gantt chart track it as such in those columns.

Either these two things need to be compatible or there needs to be an alternative to the work week issue, like excel has with their WORKDAY.INTL formula which allows you to customize the working days for each cell if necessary.

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