How to auto-populate a dashboard when new sheets are added

I have created a workspace for my team where everyone has a sheet to enter projects and I have them all connected to a dashboard using reports and formulas. These sheets are just for small projects, but I am trying to figure out the most practical way for employees to enter their own projects and create their own sheets for their bigger projects. My question is, is there an efficient way to have their new sheets that they are creating automatically update to my team dashboard? Or will I have to go in and re-work formulas and reports every time a new sheet is created. I don't want this, as they may not want to report every project they are working on to me. Any idea or help is appreciated! Here is how I currently have it setup. Those folders are titled with my teams names and inside is one sheet and one dashboard.

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    @Alicia D

    Yes, I did misunderstand your need.

    I'd recommend having the structure look at a Report instead and then setting that Report to look at every Workspace(s) because that is the only way (without the Premium app, Control Center) to have new sheets added.

    Make sense?

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