Can I Generate PDF to accommodate text of various length?

1.) I have a sheet which generate a document for each row in a Smartsheet. The document needs to accommodate cells with varying amounts of text - from a few words to multiple paragraphs. The fields should expand/contract based on the text length. Are there any workarounds to make this possible?

2.) Is mapping of Smartsheet fields is possible with a Word Document?

3.) I have a sheet where I have mapped it with fillable PDF, which is set to font size 11, why does the font size get progressively smaller as the PDF goes on? Could that be because there’s more words than the box can hold?

Please help me with my questions and suggest me the possible workarounds.

Thanks in Advance!


  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers

    1.) Are you asking whether the pdf can adjust around the form field? Unfortunately, it cannot. Anything that isn't a form field is static.

    2.) No, just pdf.

    3.) This is controlled by the field settings in your fillable pdf. It always takes me several tries to get it set up just right in the pdf!

    One tip I have is to combine columns as needed to help with spacing issues.

    For instance, I have a sheet with separate columns for city, state, and zip. If I try to make those separate form fields in my pdf, the spacing looks strange because I have to allow space for longer or shorter city names. Instead, I created a helper column to combine the 3 columns with a comma between city and state, and a space between state and zip. I created just one form field so the spacing is always right between the three.

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    To add to Julie's excellent advice/answer.

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