Visualization of % Complete by Parent

I want to be able to visualize % Complete by Parent, based on subtasks. I don't see any way to enter % complete on the subtasks, so is this impossible?


  • Dan Cliff
    Dan Cliff ✭✭✭✭

    You'll need to set your project settings for the sheet to specify the % complete column.

    In order to show the percentage completed for the parent task, you enter the percent completed for each of the children and the parent will automatically calculate

    if you've setup the column correctly, you shouldn't be able to double click the parent row/s to enter the percentage completed without the following error being shown.

    With my Progress Percentages, I use automation to automatically set this based on the Task Status;

    Not Started = 0

    In Progress = 50

    Completed = 100

    Cancelled = 100

    On Hold = 0