How to assure that a smartsheet calculates on opening, or recalculate on server

Michael Bull
Michael Bull ✭✭✭✭
edited 01/20/24 in Formulas and Functions

I have a smartsheet project with large number of tasks. For every task i calculate a "overdue - update" flag in a column formula , where i am comparing today's date calculated with today() function in a column formula with the finish date, and if stauts is not "complete" then the "overdue - update" flag is set.

Problem, the today() cells does not get automatically calculated in the background. I have to load the actual sheet several times, and eventually the formula calculates. PITN.

Problem is, i use the flag in a filter report, so the report filters the wrong line items. I first have to open the sheet, wait for it to calculate, save it, then open the report. If i dont open the sheet the report filters items which are clearly from the day the sheet was last opened (example, i worked on the sheet yesterday, i run the report today and it filters all tasks due yesterday, ie. The today cells was not updated.

For me this is akin to a bug, and reduces/ eliminates the use of functions.

How do i force smartsheet to recalculate a file on the server. Can i force a server recalculate somewhere, e.g. x times per day ?


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